San Benildo Integrated School is the offshoot of a life-changing experience of one humble man, Mr. Rodrigo Ko, which brought about a deep desire in him to establish a legacy that will become a constant reminder of his gratitude for being given a new lease on life. Thus, he thought of establishing a school that would become a center of excellence not only in teaching and learning but also in training and developing its young students into morally upright citizens of the country. Mr. Ko felt that his business acumen would not be enough to build the school of his dreams so he approached Dr. Judith Aldaba who was then the Director of De La Salle - Zobel. Upon the suggestion of Dr. Aldaba he sought the assistance of Br. Andrew Gonzales, FSC, the chair of the Lasallian Schools Supervision Services Association Inc. (LASSSAI). During their initial meeting Br. Andrew requested Mr. Ko to present the building plans of the school. In the next two weeks, Mr. Ko was able to present the plans, and Br. Andrew immediately approved the request for supervision. He also personally commented on the layout of the school. He then informed Br. Narciso Erguiza, FSC, the Superintendent of the Lasallian Schools Supervision Office (LASSO) about a new school in Cainta that needs supervision. He also instructed Sr. Teresita Octavio during the LASSSAI Board Meeting to assist the school in its pre-operational phase and prepare the requirements for the Department of Education to obtain the permit to operate its programs; Pre-elementary (Junior & Senior Prep); Elementary (Grades 1-4) and Secondary (First & Second Year). Dr. Maxima Acelajado also assisted in the initial preparations for the opening of the school. It was Br. Andrew who named the school and in July 1996, San Benildo Integrated School Foundation Incorporated was registered with Securities and Exchange Commission. The original incorporators include the following: Mr. Rodrigo Ko, Mr. Manuel Ko, Mr. Samson Ko, Mrs. Asuncion Ko, and Mr. Nicanor Hong. Br. Andrew volunteered to be the first President of the corporation. He relinquished his post when he was appointed as Secretary of the Department of Education in 1998.

On June 2, 1997, the school opened its doors to three hundred thirteen boys and girls who composed the first batch of pupils in Junior Prep to Grade Four, Dr. Rebecca Mendoza was seconded from De La Salle Santiago - Zobel (DLS-Z) as the first principal of SBIS. Sr. Teresita Octavio was designated as the school’s LASSO supervisor. Fifteen faculty members and eight non-teaching staff welcomed the children to their second home. The first Foundation Day was held on August 13, 1997, in commemoration of the feast of St. Brother Benilde Romancon, the School’s patron saint.

The next two school years were marked by a rapid increase in enrollment as SBIS started to build its reputation for academic excellence in the nearby communities of Marikina, Cainta, and Antipolo, Rizal. Imperative to the attainment of San Benildo’s vision to continuously improve its educational programs and services, the school submitted itself to the very first LASSO accreditation in February 2000. Under Dr. Mendoza and Sr. Teresita’s expert guidance, the school passed the accreditation and was granted Accredited Supervised Status- Level 1. In March of the same year, the school also graduated its first batch of grade six students. After one term of office as Principal, Dr. Mendoza was recalled by her mother institution and was appointed as Director for Lasallian Formation of DLS-Z.

In May 2000, Dr. Celedonia Santos, who was seconded from La Salle Green Hills, came on board as the second Principal of SBIS with Br. Narciso Erguiza, FSC as the new supervisor. With the growing student population, the school board considered the idea of opening another campus that will house the high school department. In June 2001, the new two-hectare campus was opened along Sumulong Highway with three hundred twelve students from First to Third Year High School. To assist Dr. Santos in running the two campuses, Ms. Lissa Tizon was appointed as Vice Principal of the High School Department.

The new school building in the Sumulong campus was a five - storey structure that housed 25 classrooms including a Computer Lab and T.H.E. Room on the first to fourth floor with a gym on the fifth floor. For two school years under the leadership of Dr. Santos, SBIS continued to provide quality education by strengthening its academic programs and continuously improving students’ co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Emphasis on faculty development, especially in the use of innovative teaching strategies, paved the way for a more dynamic teaching-learning experience.

In 2003, Ms. Lissa S. Tizon assumed the principalship as the first homegrown principal of San Benildo Integrated School. Br. Narciso Erguiza Jr., FSC, stayed on as LASSO Supervisor. Over the next several years, SBIS experienced a steady increase in its total enrollment. This was a clear manifestation that the school had gained the respect, trust, and loyalty of both the parents, students, and the community it serves.

SBIS graduated its first batch of Fourth Year high school students in April 2003.

Several initiatives prospered under the leadership of Ms. Tizon. Constant efforts to improve students’ learning experiences were undertaken to ensure that the school remained responsive to the changing educational milieu. SBIS also recognized its role in the holistic development of its students and continuously sought to open pathways to lifelong learning. Special attention was also given to the improvement of the school’s physical facilities to provide the infrastructure and resources needed to deliver quality education. An annex to the original building in the Grade School campus in Cainta was built in 2005. The second floor of the canteen was also constructed. Another structure, the St. Mutien Marie Building rose in 2006 in Sumulong Campus and the covered court was constructed in 2009 with the assistance of the High School Parents Council.

In the school year 2005-2006, after nine years of trying to live out the Lasallian Mission at San Benildo Integrated School the academic community felt the need to revisit the school’s vision-mission. Thus, the vision-mission statement was reviewed in October of 2005 with the help of Sr. Teresita Octavio, LASSO Supervisor. A series of consultations and meetings among the members of the academic community were held to review and evaluate the relevance of the vision-mission to the call of the times. The school finally decided to identify the vision from the mission. The credo was also formulated to serve as the guiding principle to give flesh to the revitalized vision and mission of SBIS.

A significant milestone was the third LASSO Accreditation held in February of 2006. Ardous preparations were made for the visit of the assessment team. With the combined efforts of the administration, faculty, staff, students, and parents. SBIS was able to achieve the remarkable feat of being granted Supervised Level 2 status; the highest distinction given to supervised schools.

In 2009, the Lasallian Schools Supervision Services Association, Inc. (LASSAI), recognized SBIS for having provided quality human and Christian education to the youth as it “graduated” from being a De La Salle Supervised School. This catalyzed the plan of establishing a top-grade Higher Education Institution set up in the mold of Benildean excellence and Lasallian mission of Christian education, to specifically serve and provide quality tertiary education to the youth of this generation. With the bighearted support and dedication of the Board of Trustees headed by its main incorporator, Mr. Rodrigo Ko, a college department was added to SBIS in 2010, consequently changing its name to COLLEGE OF SAN BENILDO-RIZAL(CoSB-R).

Ms. Lissa Tizon was then appointed as Executive Vice President to ensure that the basic education unit continues its progress and to oversee the start-up process of the college department.

CoSB-R opened the gates of higher learning in June 2010 to qualified students in the province of Rizal and neighboring cities of Marikina and Pasig by offering Education and Entrepreneurship Programs. For its first scholastic year (2010-2011) the college welcomed 47 students; 39 of them with full scholarships in the Bachelor of Secondary Education and Bachelor of Elementary Education programs - a huge testament of the institution’s deepening commitment to work for the Christian Education of the poor and the neglected. Nine (9) new scholars were welcomed thereafter.

The second scholastic year (2011-2012) saw the opening of degree programs in Information Technology and Business Administration with Marketing and Financial Management tracks. Eight (8) student pioneers comprised the very first batch of I.T. majors, while the Business Administration program started rolling with 10 frosh students. With the newly constructed state – of – the – art College Campus completed in January 2013, CoSB-R continues to forge ahead in developing future professionals who will become leaders in the field of education, business, and information technology.

COLLEGE OF SAN BENILDO-RIZAL remains steadfast in its commitment to form and transform students into lifelong learners who are imbued with the Gospel values of love and service to the community and to our country.