Benildean Core Values

The students are continuously being led by CoSB-R to become the embodiment of the following values.
Thus, Benildeans aspire for themselves and continue to live out being:


Benildeans have a strong commitment to life-long learning.
They are self-disciplined, and internally motivated.
They appreciate culture and arts, and respect local traditions
but at the same time try to improve them.


Benildeans are clear and critical thinker.
They are articulate, creative, innovaative, and resourceful students.
They are aware of their shortcomings but strive to overcome them.


Benildeans are self-reliant, loyal, resilient, reliable and principled individuals.
They are fair and honorable in competition.
They believe in their youthful energy to make a difference in the world we live in.


Benildeans have a deep social awareness which embues them with a strong desire to work
for the establishment of a just and equitable Philippine society.
They respect the environment and act responsibly in using the earth's resources.


Benildeans are living witnesses to Scriptures.
They take their religious obligations seriously.
They have a deep faith in Jesus Christ and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
They live their faith and lead healthy lives.